A forced post…

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  1. Bloggers would be happier lot today;) This one of the reasons one should stay away from drinks. I loved that Mario level I providing the perfect backdrop!

    • i actually prepared a cartoon on blogging but then i thought i have already crossed the limit :D. so no more posts on blogger and blogging (as long as people comment on my regular posts, otherwise i will get back to that). thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Debajyoti,

    HAHAHA, playing Mario at office? Whatever happened to NFS, FIFA and Warcraft?
    You’ve made a good observation, the first thing a guy looks at after or while leaving a job, is the nearby chaiwala or foodstall wala. :p :p :p
    Somehow, their business model seems very plausible and achievable. :) :) :)
    Is this story inspired from real life events and incidences? ;) ;) ;)


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  3. Hahahaha…good one…I didn’t finish your last one..It was long..let me hop over and complete it…

  4. Wow! Good one for me to read! I am the guy who quit his job to live life on his own terms – yet to put up the tea-stall :) No New year resolution that – it was a passing-out resolution when I passed out of IIM (not passed out because of alcohol :) ) !

    Great lines ! thoroughly enjoyed it :) Why is it a ‘forced post’? It was more like a ‘forced out post’ :)

    • yeah, me too :D. actually, all my employers knew i was doing nothing other than spreading negative vibes and asking people to apply in other companies :D

      many thanks for the comment Suresh :)

  5. :) Dont drink and drive/speak!

  6. haha!! And that’s why one should never drink with his boss!

    • i know. i drink with them only when even they are drunk beyond acceptable limits because then they don’t remember what i said the previous night (of course, even i don’t). many thanks for the comment :)

  7. It is a perfect post. Tell me though, why I have this feeling that you are self-plagiarising? Maybe I too took one peg too many ※☆●★○o_O :-P !

    • hahaha, of course, i am self-plagiarising. talking about plagiarism, i got one more blog deleted from indiblogger :D. and i got a mail from indi which i didn’t understand. will forward you the mail. may be they want me to stop being a sherlock holmes :D

  8. Loved it Loved it ..

    this actually happened , for our Christmas office party , our manager did not come and a girl who got completely legless by the evening was so angry at him not coming, she left a voice mail in drunk state saying what a bad person a idiot blah blah he is ..

    lets say she is soon going to have the above meeting with the manager soon :)

  9. Good one!

  10. Loved it..!!! Loved Shortcut to blogging glory too.. You’ve got a great blog here.. :-)

  11. good one debajyoti …

  12. You are just AWESOME man … just too good … ha ha ha :-D

  13. Lol :D :D Awesome one!!!

  14. It’s like making axe fall on your feet. Don’t try it in your real life! ;) :)

  15. rajni sinha says:

    I am running out of adjectives for your posts —-awesome.interesting ,great ,fabulous are those i am stuck with —oh! just got one more fantabulous —yes tha’ts an appropriate adjective for your write ups

  16. So next time don’t drink and make resolutions …either drink or make resolutions ! seeing that I usually don’t stick with the second option for long guess next year onwards I will just go with option one . do i make any sense ??!!! hic happy new year …yet another awesome post !

  17. complete.
    awesome as always:)))

  18. Really cool! reminds me of a novel called ‘Adventures of Dork’ who always used to mess up things when he was drunk :)

  19. hahahahahaaa!! That was tickelishly funny, lol!!!

  20. Awesome very funny with a message!!! Loved the details…

  21. LOL :) ..such a fun read…loved it …

    I saw ffew similar guys in the party . after 5-6 drinks they started yelling and shouting the F word at every one
    I didnt enjoy a min in the party

  23. Hi!

    This is one of the coolest blog posts I have ever read since I entered the blogging world! Very beautifully crafted punchline which is bound to get u pageviews! And I loved the way u weave together so many things we see often & forget about…the funny things people do in parties…hehehe

    Good one!


  24. awesome .. loved it .. you told a true story that happens in every new year party !

  25. LOL ! Poor guy.. under the influence of drinks went and cribbed.. Look at me. I quit my job for doing something.. cant figure out now what it was !!!

  26. Good one, as ever! Absolutely love your blog!!
    I also belong to the gang who left plush job and got into the start-up mode. Thankfully don’t regret it till date! My earlier boss(I hate her!) still calls and requests me to join back, but cant think back of working where I cribbed and sent negativity around :)

  27. A great lesson to be careful while drinking on New year’s, when your boss is around :D!!! I loved the chai stall idea though :D

  28. Haha… easier to think than to do. But the few smart one’s who actually do go a long way …

    Good one!

  29. Very classic and absolutely hilarious

  30. Good. Good. You are moving on beyond blogger. Bloggers have had to bear the brunt of your humor for too long now.

  31. he he he!!I just could see myself standing at the stall. So scared I suddenly am. Promise! I wont ever attend a New Year Party with a first time glass in hand!

    Kolaveri ho jaayega!


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