• hahahaha…another hard hitting post….very funny!

  • That is such an accurate description of our blogging world. Loved it.

  • Debs! You have just started getting off my case 🙂 Though that back-scratching bit still bites 🙂 That’s Ok, I shall forgive you for that since I am not all on my lonesome on that 🙂

    you really mean that there ARE people who read all posts chronologically? Is it only in your blog? Where did you find these mythical beings – while you were kicking boulders barefoot on the mountain-top? I am Grreeeeen with envy 🙂

    • hahaha, you are actually one of those rare ones who don’t care if anyone is reading them or not. they just read whatever they like. thank you so much for that :). although, i am a hardcore backscratcher 😀

      yes, there are people who go through blog archives. i have been fortunate enough to have some of them visiting my blog 🙂 and i am sure, they visit your blog as well. yes by kicking boulders barefoot, i managed to get few sympathy visits 😀

      thank you so much for reading Suresh 🙂

  • Hi Debajyoti,

    Woahh….hahahhaa…..somehow, I laughed really hard at the 4th-5th pics. Making cartoon strips should be learnt from you :p :p
    Hey, that’s really cool, can you actually do that one -hand stand?
    You actually made a whole rap song out of backscratching, i think next you should try making a Youtube video out of it.

    This is recommended stuff to beat the Monday Morning blues. :p :p :p


    My Blog

    • hahaha, thank you so much Jay! but you know how one can create cartoons on these sites. not much skills required for that.

      i am too old to do that one-hand stand. but if that gets me visitors, i wouldn’t mind doing that 😀

      actually, i am not familiar with that youtube thing. may be will try that someday.

      thanks again Jay for this wonderful comment! you have been too kind, my posts probably don’t deserve so much of praise 🙂

      • Quite true, but the content which goes into these cartoons is too good. It’s like a customer awareness thing going on :p :p :p

        You must try out the video thing, who knows, you might become the next Kolaveri-di or maybe Gangnam style as well.

        Well, anything which can bring a smile on someone’s face is worth mentioning 😀

  • Thanks for one more new post with wonderful matching cartoons to your funny post. This time I didn’t land here via indivine…I was about to logout for the day and saw your new post.

    Blog archive year 315 BC..this was funny…I did glance through your old posts..will come back to read them in leisure.

    Two days back remembered your this cartoon series while reading one food bloggers post..he too kept his post in draft for long time from publishing , it is good read and describes real food blogging scene. You google word “on jealousy and chocolate cake” and click first post and do go through few comments too.

    This time cartoon selection is very funny..pic no 5 and 22. 😀

    • i am really really grateful to you for reading my posts and leaving such encouraging comments 🙂 and thank you so much for going through my blog archive but those posts are not written well 🙁

      i am definitely going to read that post. it should be a fun read!

      thanks again and because of such wonderful comments i push myself to post something nice so that those handful of readers i have are not disappointed 🙂

  • Too funny and completely spot on! Had to comment….but you needn’t visit…me not a back-scratcher 😉 Seriously though, love your take!

  • Loved the pudgy Hrithik-wannabe 😀

    BTW, I noticed that you haven’t voted for my last few posts on Indivine. I strongly urge you to take remedial action at the earliest. 😛

    Oh, and I must learn a few new tricks as well. My posts rarely reach the stratospheric vote-heights that you achieve. Maybe a one-handed hop on a high-wire while juggling eggs with the other hand might help?

    • hahaha, there is a Hrithik Roshan in all of us 😀

      well, i did notice your posts but was bit confused. voting is no big deal. i vote for even broken links and you are one of my favorite bloggers (sounds bit strange, right? especially when i haven’t read your last few posts).

      i follow some simple tricks to get votes. moreover, i know how each and every blogger behaves on indivine 😀

      thanks a lot Mixi 🙂

  • I specially liked the Haiku part 😛

    And ya, that searching through and reading posts from ages old archive … you rock man 😀

  • Lol! Enjoyed it every bit:) Very creative and colorful post:)

  • Hey, really nice one yar.
    I am really glad there’s someone like you in indian blogging industry. Great art…

  • Funny and malicious.. Indivines taking offence..

  • seriously, I think you should start publishing this, you know comics style….:)

  • Got me thinking as to what might happen to new bloggers like me in future:)

  • ha ha…

    Awesome post..

  • Ha ha ha. Nice reality bite

  • Haha… Nice one and nice style to create a post – comic strip type.

  • Too bad there’s no cartoon strip about me! :(.

    I am the moderator that Indiblogger deserves, but not the one it needs right now! :’-(

  • Too good means too good buddy 🙂
    I never had seen such a superb thing about IndiVine or for that matter, about any other platform. What a presentation and what a sarcasm. 🙂

    • thank you so much Animesh!

      it’s actually not a big deal. there are sites like toondoo.com where one can create cartoons using their tools. of course, we need to come up with an idea. thanks again for such a wonderful comment 🙂

  • That is a sensible comedy with a lot of meaning. We can just write to liberate ourselves and not care much for who reads us or who ignore. Blogging is giving people an opportunity to read us n not to force someone to read us. Thank you Deb for correcting the basics.


    • absolutely, we actually cannot do anything about it. moreover, forcing someone to read our blogs is not a great thing and doesn’t give you any satisfaction.

      thank you so much for the comment 🙂

  • Its crazy. You’ve got real talent, Deb.


  • Nice one again!! now I know , how I am losing my votes and visitors ..lol !! I being snobbish .. hahaha .. i just want people to appreciate me but do not go about reading all who vote me 😀 …..Deb if Ekta Kapoor gets to know you ,she will do partnership with u …. hahaha .. One topic(I mean they all talk about visitors on a blog , in some or the other way … more than 5 posts ( the ones i remember) and all of them so different so fresh so hilarious …..boss .. I was just thinking… who knows … what u write is what u may be doing as well ? 🙁 (at least with my site) hahahaha ..do u really see my posts ? hahahaha … well… Deb awesome read and visiualisation as ever ..mainly the backscratcher character !! 🙂

    • thanks a lot My Say! your posts are quite concise and entertaining, so i read almost all of them :). thanks again for this awesome comment 🙂

  • yeah so true that it hurts…hahahaha…in the stomach i mean and the eyes are having diarrhoea.
    Thou art endowed!!!
    Accha now it get’s me thinking…did YOU trap me???
    OMG!!! i did…

    • hahaha, this is such a cool comment!!

      well, i try my level best to trap visitors and at times, i succeed 😀

      thank you so much for this lovely comment 🙂

  • So cool, love the ‘you are a backscratcher’ thing!

  • you know, if this is the reality of blogging, its really sad. i have been blogging since october 2005. and my best friends today, are ppl i met on the blog first. theres a whole new world out there – of people who think just like us, who share our passions and our opinions..and blogging is a great way to meet them..

    while i love the humour of the post (and the sketches really are superlative), i truly hope more ppl see blogging for what it is – an exchange of ideas.. and not a self promotion tool. for that, there’s linked in 🙂

    • totally agree with you. it’s great to know so many people and what they think. at times, we can express more on our blogs than anywhere else in real life.

      many thanks for the comment!

  • haha..
    So you understand my torment, Debjyoti. Your post spoke to me, man. I’m the newbie who goes through random blog posts at random times. I confess i have read a few blogs in a chronological order.

    And. also i have zero clue about how it works. But you know what, i love reading what others are writing. It’s fun! For no rhyme or reason.. Backscratching and backscrathers be damned!
    Boo ya!

    • oh no, i am a hardcore backscratcher 🙁

      well, even i go through blogs in chronological order and at times do a tag search on indivine and read them. it’s really a fascinating experience to read some wonderful blogs.

      many thanks for this lovely comment 🙂

  • Oohh, that was a laugh riot!

    • thank you so much Malini! I have been planning to read that part 3 of your lakshadweep post but not been able to do so. tonight will read that.

      • OMG Debajyoti, my comment certainly wasn’t a reminder or a nudge! But, you are more than welcome to read 🙂

        • i know, apologies for making it sound like that :D. i just wanted to tell you that i am loving this series which you are writing and i really wanted to read the next part.

  • LOL! I get promotional clicks but no comments. If you have to a back scratcher be a sincere one, not a half hearted one

  • Hi debajyoti
    That part on backscratching was the best part ! Lol !

  • Loved the final punch!! Definitely no time for dedicated blogging 😀 and dedicated backscratching.

    P.S. That hrithik pose for KNPH review scene was cool!!

  • Ufff Indivine!!! Now I finally know how people get a 100 votes while I have some 5 disappointing hearts next to my post!!
    Acha.. please do a post on hair care products and contests!! There are 3 running on indiblogger.. quite amusing!!

    • no, i actually wrote a series on my hair story but didn’t take part in any contest.

      getting votes is no big deal. just need to promote anything and everything 😀

      many thanks for the comment Nisha 🙂

  • Dude…somebody should learn brand positioning from you :))
    Saath mein bahut logo ki marlia bhi !!!!

    Refreshing !!!!

  • You have carved a niche for yourself with these blogging satires. Get them into a book Deb! How about something like “The Immortals of Blogosphere”. Oh yes, that’s a straight away pick up, but I didn’t get any other intelligent name from my non intelligent grey cells 🙂

    • my target audience here is only bloggers because i know who reads us :D. so, if i get them into a book (sounds bit funny, me writing a book), i won’t get non-blogger audience. but that name sounds cool. will use this name for a future post :D.

      thank you so much for reading Arnab 🙂

  • You have put it down quite well. Enjoyed the post.

  • bahahahha
    superbly written 😀

  • Another post, comical yet with tough punches to those who deserve it. A true picturisation of the happenings in Blog world. Well narrated Deb. Really liked it !

  • A wonderful reflection…… 😀 😀 😀

  • Too good!! First time here – loving your work!!

  • Hello Debajyoti,

    Your post is naked truth yet humorous. 🙂
    Do you follow the same rules posted here or otherwise ?

    • hahaha, thank you so much!

      well, it depends on the person; i know most of them :). i usually don’t visit blogs for return visits. as long as that person is courteous enough to reply back to my comments, i am happy.

  • it was indeed humorous to read the comments . =O

  • I AM the chronological reader!! 315 BC…hahahahha!!! I don’t regret it and will do it again :p

    You are maha creative. Keep it up DJ, it’s sensational.

  • 🙂 highly satirical… pls be kind to people, humans cant always be reasonable.. :p your post has a lot of questions which one needs to answer for oneself, thank you,

  • That was really interesting and actual thoughts in bloggers mind. But I felt it got little lengthy. Forgive me but I skipped a few of them on the way. But cartoons are lively. I liked it

  • Main Geeta pe haath rakh ke kahta hun , that every word in the post is true and wait .. “Brilliant” 😛

  • I am bowled over by the post. How did you make it?

    • oh, it’s pretty simple. just log into any of those sites where you can create cartoons, fiddle with the application there, and then post them to your blog. that’s it 😀

      thanks a lot for the comment 🙂

  • That was a wonderful crash course!!


    😉 Thanks a lot I really need these lessons 😀 I hardly get any indireader visiting me 😀

    Will practice all this and let you know the results 😀 Thanks “GURUJI” 😀

    • hahaha, most of our readers are actually indireaders who later subscribe to our blogs (not mine, i hardly have any subscriber).

      even i need to practice all this :D. many thanks for the comment Ramya 🙂

  • I think every blogger should ask him/her if he is writing for votes from fellow bloggers or genuine readers. It is a catch 22 situation, fellow bloggers help in popularizing your blog, hence the mad rush for votes etc. But now with Indi putting social share buttons true test of posts will come. Nobody will want to swamp their social circle with every post they vote for, only the very best, other wise your friends on FB/T and G will start boycotting you

    By the way forgot to mention

    Brilliant ! 🙂 🙂

    • i don’t think anyone would share an indiblogger page if they like that post, they usually share the post. but then again, it’s all about our perception. those who get more shares assume that the genuine readers probably share the pages they like; those who get more comments assume that the commenters are the genuine readers. for me blogging is just a fun thing. i am ok if no one shares my pages because those who come from facebook or twitter do not leave any comment, so the purpose of getting compliments is not served. of course, i am not on facebook and i hardly log into my twitter account, so i don’t know how things work there.

      thanks a lot for the comment 🙂

  • A bunch of chocolate cookies with apple green mojito…all I was missing was an awesome read…
    Your funny 😀 cum informative o_O cum highly inspirational :p 🙂 comic strip completed it all 😀

    • thank you so much Kirti! i am glad you liked my post so much :). not sure about informative and inspirational part though :D. enjoy your cookies and mojito 😀

  • I am always late and do you want to know the punishment i go through every time? Scrolling down for hours through the many cheerful comments to finally reach your comment box , blame your dedicated readers! Touchwood 😛

    Jokes apart, let me say that this was a mind blowing analysis! Oh and the rap part is beyond words! Someone had complained about the length of the post, but i was hoping it not to end anytime soon 🙂

    p.s : You a night owl ? Just curious 🙂

    • hahaha, yes, i am a night owl, i sleep for few hours during the day 😀

      i actually deleted part of my post but may be those were the better ones which i deleted :(. i keep certain things in mind while publishing a post and length of the post is one of those things (because my primary objective is to drive traffic :D).

      thank you so much Maliny for this lovely comment 🙂

  • Ha ha…you are spot on! Love the biting sarcasm 😀
    And the wonderful illustration too!

  • Gr8 cartoons u got on ur blog! R u a professional cartoonist ??

    • no no, there are sites like toondoo.com where you can use the tools provided by them to create cartoons. of course, you have the copyright of whatever you create there. many thanks for the comment 🙂

  • realy loved your comic style……
    funny one:))

  • However do you manage to come up with such cartoons !!! You have the talent 😀
    I loved the backscratcher song.. can definitely sing it 🙂

  • too goo..xcatly what happens today inteh blogging world

  • Haha! I don’t remember the last time I had read a post from Indivine. I don’t believe I have that kind of time on hand. 😛
    But thanks anyways for describing the internal processes. A little bit of general knowledge is always good.

    • I read posts from indivine. it takes less time than the other methods of getting visitors :D. moreover, you get new visitors all the time 😀

      thanks for the comment :). Happy Holi 😀

  • Its realy nice and absolute reality…i like it debajyoti..

  • Hahaha… That was one fun read… excellent!
    Thank you for voting my post on indivine…ooppss did that give away that I am a shameless backscratcher 😀 … Oh! and I love going through archive posts, btw .. 😀

    P.S. Nice cartoons 🙂

    • hahaha, thank you so much!

      well, to some extent, we all are backscratchers :D. and even i go through archive posts (even though most people would find this a blatant lie).

      many thanks for the comment 🙂

  • Oh man! I’m so jealous. I’ve always wanted to paint my imaginations in the form of cartoons. The expressions – the people – the colors – the content are all so amazing. You’re good at this. I’m your latest follower, dude! 🙂

    • actually these cartoons are created using the tools provided by some of the sites. only the ideas are mine. guess i cannot take credit for everything, even though i have the copyright of whatever i create there. many thanks for the comment and for following my blog :). i usually write long posts though 😀

  • Aah … . That felt so good. Yeah, yeah … right there. Just a bit to the right. Now go down two fingers. Bingo. Right there. Scratch some more. Use your nails baby … use your nails.

  • ‘Fresh & original humor post. Just have a look’…..Lol! 😉 So, here you have revealed your cheap marketing style too. 😉 I liked the picture of ‘backscratcher’. 🙂 You put so much so much hard work in the presentation, didn’t forget to picture the cobwebs even! 🙂

    It was great one, & I loved your imagination; but…….somewhere I am bored with the series of ‘How to promote your Blog’. 🙁
    Come up with something new.
    Keep smiling & making others smile! 🙂

    • thanks Gayatri! unfortunately, my current post is also on blogging. so, don’t force yourself to read something. you can check out my blog once i am done with this blogging series 🙂

  • Good tips. Must begin using them.

    An absolutely hilarious read (watch? or whatever one does with cartoons) 🙂

    • hahaha, please don’t. it’s not going to work 😀

      many thanks for the comment :). guess, read is fine or may be watch, not sure.

  • This is so hillarious… Thanks for the share…

  • haaila !! I know I am a bit irregular on the blogosphere these days …Pardon me for that..I went through your post and wanna write a loooong comment ..but seriously not in that condition right now…shall come back soon to do that…

    • take care of yourself. i am going to take a break from blogging. so, will come back and read that long comment and also your posts 🙂

  • Such a hatke blog. Plus, I love the lay out and design.

  • wonderful, really great post….
    when I see so many promotes on indivine I have never thought they were backscratchinnnnnng at all, now I think I have to begin from day 1..let me try

  • Hey, This a very hilarious. I laughed a lot. You have a keen observation for things and you present it in a very humorous way !
    The haiku part was very funny and somehow could not control my laughter for a long time.
    🙂 Very interesting!

  • Man, I am quite new in this blogging world. Just saw your blog for the first time. I simply couldn’t stop laughing after the third sketch. I am still trying to get over “Kaho Na Pyaar hai” star….Great work.

  • I’m still laughing !!!! 😀 😀